Research Themes


The research being done in our laboratory aims to better understand the link between molecular and macroscopic properties, combining simulation, experiment and theory. We focus on phase transitions in soft matter such as polymers, crystals or organic glasses. Through an intimate dialogue within this triumvirate at each spatiotemporal level, it becomes possible to account for microscopic phenomena, giving rise to a macroscopic property, thus leading to the onset of phase transitions. Ultimately, our aim is to design new materials with improved structural, dynamical and functional properties.


  • Phase transitions
    • Glass Transition of polymers and organic glasses
    • Melting
    • Smectic A – smectic C
    • Spinodal
    • Lower critical solution temperature (LCST)
  • Arborescents polymers
  • Auxetic polymers
  • Liquid crystal polymers
  • Molecular motors


  • Understansding: study of the cooperativity, molecular organisation
  • Design: prediction of Tg, new membranes for PEMFC, new auxetic polymers
Spatial and temporal positions of simulation levels.