Research Group

Group photo 2016

Kayak 2016

Current Students

Etienne Levert
Ph.D. student (Co-supervision with Pr Serge Lacelle)
Subject: Mesoscopic Study of Molecular Motors

Azar Shamloo
Ph.D. student (Co-supervision with Pr Denis Rodrigue)
Subject: Study of Polyethylene Crystallization

François Godey
Ph.D. student (Co-supervision with Pr Jérôme Claverie)
Subject: Atomistic Simulation of Polynorbornene

Clément Wespiser
Ph.D. student (Co-direction avec Pr Patrick Ayotte)
Subject: Rotation-Translation Coupling of Water in Argon

Alexandre Fleury
Ph.D. student
Subject: Study of Pain-Related GPCRs Dimerization

Étienne Cuierrier
M.Sc. student
Subject: Coarse-Grained Simulation of Liquid Crystal Polymers

Marie Choinière Denicourt
M.Sc. student
Subject: Study of Polyethylene Nanocrystals in Amorphous Environment